Achieve your investment dream of a 7.5% return

Investing in real estate with first charge rights, so 100% safe!

Gegarandeerd rendement

Unique property in Ibiza as collateral

Welcome to Ibiza Property Fund, founded by Michael Buijs. Our mission is to realise financial freedom and sustainability in Ibiza. We invite investors to make a positive impact on the island.


Invest with confidence in Ibiza Property Fund

Discover the benefits of investing in Ibiza Property Fund, including first mortgage security and guaranteed returns. Ibiza Property Fund is part of the Swiss Alps Capital Group. It also owns Renting on Ibiza, a highly successful platform with over 450 homes for rent.

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Hoe kan dit beleggingssprookje?

Leer hoe te investeren met Ibiza Property Fund en begin met het verdienen van maandelijkse rendementen op je investering. Van de initiële storting tot maandelijkse winstuitkeringen en de uiteindelijke uitbetaling na 36 maanden, wij begeleiden je door het hele proces.

Stap 1: Investeer

Verzeker je plek door je eerste storting te doen.

Stap 2: Maandelijkse payout

Relax en zie je investeringen elke maand groeien.

Step 3:  Final payout

Ontvang na 36 maanden je uiteindelijke uitbetaling

How can this investment fairytale be true?

Find out how to invest with Ibiza Property Fund and start earning a monthly return on your investment. From the initial deposit to monthly profit distributions and the final payout after 36 months, we will support you throughout the process.

Discover more
Building a Sustainable Future

Construction and Reduced Ecological Footprint

At Ibiza Property Fund, we prioritize eco-conscious building practices and reducing our ecological impact. Through the use of energy-efficient materials and techniques like solar panels and advanced insulation, we strive to create a more sustainable Ibiza. By investing with us, you can contribute to the preservation of the island's natural beauty while earning attractive returns.


We utilize energy-efficient materials and techniques to minimize our environmental footprint and promote sustainability.

Reduced Impact

Our commitment to reducing the tourist impact on Ibiza through sustainable development.


Discover unique investment opportunities with high returns

At Ibiza Property Fund, we offer exclusive investment opportunities starting from € 50,000. Explore our selection of luxury villas and apartment complexes located in prime locations, and learn about the potential returns they can generate. Take the first step towards financial freedom today.

Unique properties with high returns

Our portfolio contains beautiful luxury villas and apartment complexes.

Prime locations for lucrative investments

Our properties are strategically located in sought-after areas.

Maximise your returns with Ibiza Property Fund

Invest with us and ensure high returns on your investment.


Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions on investment security and return calculations.

Is my investment safe?

Yes, your investment is safe with Ibiza Property Fund. We prioritise financial security and offer first charge security on our properties. Our partnership with the financially strong Swiss Alpen Capital Group further enhances the safety of your investment.

How are returns calculated?

The return on your investment is calculated based on rental income and sales proceeds. For more information, klik hier

Can I invest remotely?

Yes, you can invest in Ibiza Property Fund remotely. Our online platform enables you to easily manage your investment from anywhere in the world. We provide regular updates and transparent reporting to keep you informed about the performance of your investment.

What is the minimum investment sum?

The minimum investment sum for Ibiza Property Fund is € 50,000. This allows us to offer exclusive investment opportunities in high-quality properties on the island of Ibiza.

How long is the investment period?

The investment period at Ibiza Property Fund is 36 months excluding the 6 month renovation period during which you will also receive your monthly return.


Any questions?

Contact us today for more information.

Investor Testimonials

Read what our investors have to say here
"enjoyable and reliable investment"
Michael is a very reliable person and sticks to the agreements made.

Ronald van Pelt

CEO / Founder,
VP Containers (NL)

Investing in Ibiza Property Fund was a smart decision. The team is professional and the process was seamless.

Name Surname

CEO, Company XYZ

Investing in Ibiza Property Fund was a smart decision. The team is professional and the process was seamless.

Name Surname

CEO, Company XYZ

Investing in Ibiza Property Fund was a smart decision. The team is professional and the process was seamless.

Name Surname

CEO, Company XYZ

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